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What the Environment Means to Misawa Homes Group

Kojiki or “Records of Ancient Matters,” the oldest known historical book about the ancient history of Japan, uses the Chinese character for “nest” to mean a “home.” Home is the place of one’s birth, where you grow up, and a place of refuge and safety. Misawa Homes puts its whole heart into building such homes.

Our “heart” also goes into environmental activities to help ensure preservation of our precious earth for both our children and future generations. Misawa Homes Group announced our corporate guidelines in an Environmental Declaration in 1990 and a more demanding New Environmental Declaration “HEARTH” in 1997. HEARTH, a compound word from HEART and EARTH, encapsulates the spirit of our environmental commitment.

We have strived and will continue to strive to fulfill our commitment under five action guidelines in such a way to ensure that our corporate and environmental preservation activities can be intertwined.

These are to produce less waste, conserve resources, develop homes requiring less energy, prolong the lifespan of homes, and to build residential communities where people live in symbiosis with nature. Our relentless efforts under these guidelines have resulted in, among other things, the development of M-Wood which is made from recycled wood chips and recycled plastics, new ceramic material, century-long housing systems and zero-energy homes, and the building of environmentally friendly residential communities across the country.

Our homes are designed and built to provide safety and comfort on a daily basis and at the same time lead to environmental preservation. Misawa Homes Group, as a provider of homes, will continue to remain committed to environmental preservation activities from a broader and global perspective.

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