Message from the President

Tetsuya Sakuo, President and CEO
Tetsuya Sakuo, President and CEO

True to its founding principle of maintaining a lifelong commitment to its homeowners, Misawa Homes has been at the forefront of pursuing innovation in the Japanese homebuilding industry since its establishment in 1967. Our engineering achievements include the development of our proprietary wooden panel adhesion construction method and many other advanced homebuilding solutions. We developed world-first zero-energy homes, and worked on the construction and expansion of the Japanese Antarctic expedition team's Syowa Station, and the R&D of lunar habitation with JAXA.

We announced an industry-first Environmental Declaration in 1990 and our highly regarded initiatives brought us the Global Environment Award in 1999. Our design excellence has been winning Good Design Awards as a token of high recognition for many consecutive years. Just to name a few, the GENIUS kura-no-aru-ie is a housing model featuring a large storage area that received an industry-first Good Design Grand Prix in 1996, and the Antarctica Mobile Station Unit was nominated for the Good Design Best 100 in 2020.

When we look at global environmental issues, our measures to achieve carbon neutrality and address increasingly severe natural disasters need to be further accelerated. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our values. Japan has entered the era of the 100-year lifespan. This urges us to respond to diverse lifestyles and values, and work on realizing an affluent society where everyone can live healthy and safe.

Taking advantage of the wide range of knowledge that we have cultivated through homebuilding, we will promote diversification and multi-layering of our business portfolio. We will also pursue future growth through new solutions for social issues in specific fields, such as residential community development and nursing care businesses, in addition to homebuilding, existing home, and overseas businesses.

In order to pass a better future on to the next generation, we will continue to strive to develop advanced technologies, offer suggestions for richer lives, and achieve a sustainable and circular society.

We are excited to take on this challenge.

June 2022