Message from the President

Masashi Isogai, President and CEO
Masashi Isogai, President and CEO

True to its founding principle of maintaining lifetime engagement with homeowners, Misawa Homes has been playing an instrumental role in bringing prosperity and well-being to society. For more than half a century, we have been at the forefront of pursuing innovation in the Japanese homebuilding industry. Our engineering achievements include the development of our proprietary wooden panel adhesion construction method and many other world-first, industry-first homebuilding solutions. These innovations and inventions have even found their way into the construction and expansion of the Japanese Antarctic expedition team's Syowa Station and the development of zero-energy homes, just to name a few achievements. We also have won the Good Design Awards for an impressive 30 consecutive years.

We leverage our extensive experience and expertise in homebuilding to address changes in people's lifestyles and values. In this age of longevity, we are expanding our businesses to include designing and developing residences and communities that meet people's diverse lifestyle needs and in which they can live long and healthy lives.

In addition, as part of our efforts to implement SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), we offer greener homes that make greater use of renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint, develop communities that support an aging and shrinking population, and provide more flexible working arrangements for our employees.

There is talk about connected cities, in which advanced technologies, such as IoT, AI, and MaaS (mobility as a service), will provide information and services that will make people's lives more convenient. When such connected cities become a reality, we will see new values and services emerge, which will transform our everyday lives and change our perception of prosperity.

Even if such sweeping changes take place around us, we will retain our pioneering spirit and continue to update the way we do business to better adapt to changing environments.

Misawa Homes has an ambitious vision to evolve from a homebuilder into an all-around lifestyle designer adept in designing and building residences and communities that are more resistant to natural disasters and deliver more fun and increased excitement to people looking for greater freedom of choice.

We are excited to take on this challenge.

December, 2019