Corporate Philosophy

Mission Statement

Misawa Homes endeavors to remain true to its founding principle of maintaining a lifelong commitment to its homeowners and provide best-in-class residences to help achieve a prosperous and sustainable society.

Management Principles

  1. 1. We design and build safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly residences and communities.
  2. 2. We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and maintain ethical integrity in everything we do.
  3. 3. We bear our share of responsibility for environmental stewardship everywhere we operate.
  4. 4. We continue to increase our enterprise value and achieve sustained growth to share our successes with our stakeholders.
  5. 5. We maintain a workplace that encourages all employees to respect and trust each other and work together to achieve their full potential.
  6. 6. We disclose financial and other information truthfully and manage business risks appropriately.

Code of Conduct

  1. 1. To retain the trust and respect of our customers
    1. We deliver first-rate products and services developed through our extensive design and engineering expertise and with attention to detail.
    2. We conduct sales activities in good faith and fair dealing.
    3. We provide information about our products and services in an accurate and easy-to-understand fashion and hold ourselves accountable for everything we say.
    4. We provide prompt and effective after-sales services.
    5. We exercise the utmost care in the handling and protection of our customers' personal information.
  2. 2. To retain the trust and respect of our employees
    1. We value and respect employees and help them achieve personal and professional growth.
    2. We maintain a culture that encourages ethical behavior.
    3. We do not discriminate against employees on the basis of nationality, race, or gender.
    4. We keep our working environment safe and healthy and improve it continually.
    5. We respect human rights and do not use forced labor or child labor in any form or manner whatsoever.
    6. We acknowledge the importance of information and maintain information security.
  3. 3. To retain the trust and respect of our suppliers
    1. We choose suppliers using fair and objective criteria as well as an appropriate process.
    2. We maintain well-balanced, contract-based relationships with suppliers and conduct fair and free business transactions.
    3. We maintain relationships with suppliers in a manner considered appropriate relative to social norms.
  4. 4. To retain the trust and respect of our shareholders
    1. We achieve sustained growth to continually increase our enterprise value.
    2. We disclose financial and other company information in a timely and appropriate fashion.
  5. 5. To retain the trust and respect of society
    1. We protect the environment as an integral part of our conducting of business activities.
    2. We adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and social norms.
    3. We maintain good working relationships with government agencies and regulatory authorities.
    4. We do not succumb to any illicit pressure or influence from antisocial groups.
    5. We ensure the safety of local communities and maintain good relationships with them.
    6. We play an active role in promoting social outreach programs in every community in which we operate.