New Home Construction Business

New home and rebuilding

House and land packages

Land utilization

Rental management

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Real estate services

Property sales

Residential Community Development Business

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Train station development projects

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Nursing Care Business

Nursing care facilities and housing for the elderly

The Misawa Homes Group operates in a variety of business fields to provide value to human life.
To support each of these businesses, it has five business divisions and six functional divisions.
Misawa Homes Co., Ltd. collaborates with other Misawa group companies to significantly enrich the life of all its customers.

Misawa Homes Co., Ltd.
New Home ConstructionExisting HomeResidential Community Development
(Apartments, Mixed-use Complexes)
International BusinessNursing Care

The business activities of Misawa Homes, founded in 1967, are organized in five divisions (New Home Construction, Existing Home, Residential Community Development, International Business, and Nursing Care).
There are also six functional divisions that promote and support each of the business groups (General Administration, Construction and Customer Support, Procurement and Production, Product and Technology Development, Sales Planning, and Corporate Planning).
Each operating company in each of our fields of business strives to enrich the life of its customers.

New Home Construction Business

Misawa Homes develops and constructs custom-built detached homes, house and land packages, and rental housing using wooden panel adhesion construction, a method developed in 1960, before the company was founded. It also offers its MJ Wood earthquake-resistant homes with wooden frames.

To help our customers create the ideal home for their needs, we make use of all our wide-ranging strengths. These include innovative spatial designs characterized by high ceilings and large kura storage spaces, technology cultivated from the experience of supporting the construction of the Showa Station in Antarctica for half a century, and the environmental performance we achieved by producing the world’s first zero-energy home in 1998.

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Existing Home Business

For owners of Misawa Homes and new customers alike, we design home renovation solutions for ideal living, tackling everything from minor improvements to complete renovations.

In addition to meeting a wide variety of renovation requests, for detached homes, apartments, rental properties, and commercial buildings, we offer real estate brokerage and property management services. We also purchase residential properties to renovate and resell.

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Residential Community Development Business

Misawa Homes is leveraging all the know-how it has cultivated from producing sophisticated designs over many years in the detached housing business to the task of designing residential developments tailored to the needs of people and their lifestyles.

All around Japan, we are developing condominium apartment complexes as well as future-oriented residential community development projects with integrated commercial, childcare, medical, nursing care, and other functions under our ASMACI brand, to address the challenges faced by the communities and society of today.

On the environmental front, we are also investing effort in architectural revitalization initiatives, to help cut CO2 emissions and industrial waste.

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International Business

In 2018 Misawa Homes launched business focused on detached homes in Australia and the U.S.A.

In 2021, we also participated in an apartment complex development project in the U.S.A.

At the same time, we are also pursuing business opportunities in China and major Asian cities, taking advantage of the expertise we have accumulated from renovating apartment complexes in Japan.

To help the company grow further, we are committed to cultivating new business opportunities in overseas markets where population is expected to continue growing.

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Nursing Care Business

In 1993, before the Long-term Care Insurance System came into effect, Misawa Homes launched Motherth Minami-Kashiwa, a housing facility for the elderly with full-time nursing care. Since then, we developed and directly operated other similar facilities, such as private nursing homes, group homes, and serviced housing facilities for the elderly.

The Misawa Homes Group currently operates almost every kind of private-sector long-term care service covered under the Long-term Care Insurance System. We will continue leveraging the expertise we have cultivated in this field for tackling social and community challenges.

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