HEARTH Heart&Earth Design

Our resolve to care about the global environment in homebuilding is signified by the word "HEARTH,"
which combines "Heart" and "Earth."
A HEARTH is a home where parents and children enjoy the most meaningful interactions,
where families deepen their connections, where people live with a lasting sense of security,
and where the heart is treasured and cherished.
It is a home where people live in comfort while staying in touch with nature,
a home that contributes to the global environment, and where the earth is treasured and cherished.
We design homes with consideration for humankind and the earth to create a more beautiful,
more prosperous future for children.
We members of the Misawa Homes Group view HEARTH as a key concept of our CSR activities,
and engage in various activities to contribute to the achievement of SDGs.

For the children of tomorrow

Misawa Homes has always operated under the founding principle of maintaining a lifelong commitment to its homeowners.
We have always developed products and technology that equips users with the capacity for sustainable growth
and the ability to react to the changing times,
even as the coming age of 100-year lifespans means that a lifetime will involve more
changes and greater demand for environmental consideration above and beyond just homes.

Amid our efforts, during the UN Summit in 2015,
17 goals for achieving a sustainable world—goals that would come to be known as SDGs—were adopted.
We at Misawa Homes share these goals,
and intend to leverage our hard-earned technology and expertise to contribute to their achievement.

What are SDGs?

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) are global goals for creating a better world through
sustainability by 2030 as defined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
They were adopted at the UN Summit held in September 2015 as successors to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) formulated in 2001.
SDGs comprise of 17 goals and 169 targets,
and are founded on the pledge to leave no one behind, anywhere in the world.
SDGs are universal goals and targets for developing countries and developed countries alike to strive to achieve.
In that spirit, Japan joins other countries of the world in proactively striving to achieve SDGs.

Based on our principle of maintaining a lifelong commitment to our homeowners,
we the members of the Misawa Homes Group aim to create sustainable societies by building homes
and communities as well as in all our corporate activities.
Through seven sustainable activities, we strive to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs promoted by the UN.

Low-carbon, environmentally conscious
homebuilding and community creation

In order to achieve a decarbonized society,
we develop energy efficient & energy creating technologies that leverage renewable energy, and promote homebuilding & community creation boasting net negative CO2 emissions throughout the lifecycle.

Relation to SDGs

Promoting ZEH

As the world’s first company to sell zero-energy houses (ZEH), we have the pioneering technology and advanced expertise to bring ZEH to fruition.

Energy design

Our advanced homebuilding enables us to offer lifestyles centered around the way energy will be used in the future.

Developing LCCM housing

Trees grow their roots into the soil, soak up the sun as they grow, sprout leaves, and reduce CO2. We will promote the creation of societies that are beneficial to the global environment with the realization that human life is as much a part of the ecosystem as trees.

Microclimate designs

We employ Microclimate designs based on wisdom from 1,000 years ago to create modern homes that are comfortable in all seasons.


M-Wood2 is created by recycling waste wood and waste plastic. M-Wood2 can also be repeatedly recycled and reprocessed.

Refining construction

In refining construction, we reuse the majority of existing structural frames. This is environmentally conscious, and also preserves endearing features and memories from previous generations. It can even increase asset values.

Creating safe & secure homes and communities

We promote the creation of homes and communities that are safe and secure during normal times as well as during and after disasters. Three Safety Solutions make this possible: preparedness before natural disasters strike, protection during disasters, and support until restoration is complete.

Relation to SDGs

Wooden panel adhesion construction method

Homes constructed with our proprietary wooden panel adhesion construction method are monocoque structures in which all loads are instantaneously dispersed and absorbed throughout the structure.

Earthquake-resistant wooden housing

To conventional wooden-frame structures we add a distinct combination of strength, design, and security backed up by our advanced technologies and abundant expertise. We developed MJ Wood, earthquake-resistant wooden housing.


We use a seismic vibration damping system called MGEO to create earthquake-resistant structures that never collapse. We also aim to eliminate earthquake damage to interior finishing materials.


MISAWA-LCP (Life Continuity Performance) is about building homes in which one can live with continuity of security, even during times of disaster.


Our LinkGates system enables advanced IoT services in your everyday life. LinkGates brings your family life into the future.

Indoor air control (Air-terior)

Our total air control solutions support comfortable, healthy living, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our efforts to support a greying society

We provide homes & services that reduce the burden of household chores, child raising, and elderly care to achieve societies in which no one has to give up their career to raise children or care for elderly relatives.

Relation to SDGs

Aged care and welfare business

We wasted no time becoming involved in the direct management of various nursing care and welfare facilities in 1993, before the elderly care insurance system went into effect.

Developing our ASMACI brand

We have developed three Misawa Homes brands for commercial complexes, rental housing, and other buildings we develop: ASMACI, ASMACI MAISON, and ASPRIME. We engage in future-oriented community building to help communities resolve their distinct issues.

Home Commons

It is said that the Japanese word for “home” originally used the same character as the Japanese word for “nest.” Just as birds build their nests to nurture their chicks, we believe homes should be built for children.

Child raising and nursery care facilities

Homebuilding is future building. We believe this to be true, especially because we must care for children—our future.

Serviced housing for elderly people

We leverage our more than 25 years of experience directly managing nursing care facilities to provide total support based on our abundant expertise, from business consulting to the realization of optimal construction design.

Efforts to conserve biodiversity

We work to conserve biodiversity through efforts such as procuring certified wood, proposing garden designs and vegetation for home exteriors, and hosting afforestation activities at Misawa Homes no Mori—community centers for environmental events and efforts.

Relation to SDGs

Wood procurement guidelines

As a company that enjoys the benefits of forest resources, we set out wood procurement guidelines and engage in responsible wood procurement.


M-Wood2 is created by reusing waste wood and waste plastic. M-Wood2 can also be repeatedly recycled and reprocessed.


Our lives are underpinned by the benefits conferred by ecosystems that consist of many different creatures and beings interacting with one another. We propose garden designs in an effort to conserve biodiversity.

Biodiversity conservation in Borneo

The Misawa Homes Group donates a portion of its revenue from dedicated vending machines to biodiversity conservation activities in Borneo, a treasure trove of biodiversity.

Misawa Homes forest conservation activities

The Misawa Homes Group established Misawa Homes no Mori Matsumoto in 2014 as a base for engaging in environmental conservation activities.

Efforts to improve customer satisfaction

We provide a wide range of support for customers’ lives and lifestyles throughout the home lifecycle, from construction to after-sales services, maintenance, renovation, and real estate services including selling and rental property management.

Relation to SDGs

Smile-Ring System

Our Smile-Ring System provides total support in all stages from renovation to relocation, asset utilization, and real estate services, preserving home values over the long term.

Extended warranty system

Our world-class warranty system is founded on long-term initial warranties, warranty extensions, and warranty renewals.


SumStock assessments ensure that buildings with excellent durability and earthquake resistance—their core values as buildings—are evaluated properly and can be passed down to future generations.

Finding uses for vacant homes

We provide one-stop, integrated consulting services for owners of vacant homes and engage in public education to raise awareness of vacant homes, from preventing homes from becoming vacant in the first place to effectively using and properly managing them.

Improving working environments and promoting work style reform

We proactively promote work style reform and improved environments in which everyone can work at full energy any time and anywhere, and strive to improve employee satisfaction and productivity in an effort to achieve sustainable growth while responding to various changes.

Relation to SDGs

Work style reform
Personal leave systems and support for work-life balance

We employ various personal leave and support systems so that all Misawa Homes employees can work at full energy with a balance between their responsibilities at work, raising their children, and caring for elderly relatives.

Health and productivity (White 500)

Misawa Homes makes proactive efforts toward employee health and productivity, and was certified as a Health and Productivity Enterprise—a “White 500” corporation—for the third consecutive year in 2021.

Human resources development, career support, more active participation by women

We developed Misawa Inclusion in an effort to develop human resources for the future. The program promotes more vigorous exchange between employees and multilinear career development in addition to reconstructing human resources development systems.

Communication with local communities

We proactively communicate with local communities through efforts such as activities to promote communities, science, culture, education, and more; environmental conservation activities; and support for reconstruction after frequent major natural disasters.

Relation to SDGs

Activities in Antarctica

Since the 17th Japanese Antarctica Research Expedition in 1975, we have dispatched a total of 23 employees of the Misawa Homes Group to the National Institute of Polar Research to join the building teams on the expeditions.

Environmental conservation activities

The Misawa Homes Group established Misawa Homes no Mori Matsumoto in 2014 as a base for engaging in forest conservation activities, and established Misawa Homes no Mori Katsuura in 2018 as a base for engaging in coastal cleanup activities.

Assistance in areas afflicted by disasters

The Misawa Homes Group comes together as one to provide assistance in areas afflicted by disasters. We also manage the HEARTH Fund for group companies and employees to make donations to people afflicted by disasters.

Cultural promotion activities

We began collecting works associated with the Bauhaus in 1989. In 1996, we established the Misawa Bauhaus Collection, Japan’s only museum dedicated to the Bauhaus.