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Misawa Homes Co., Ltd.

Misawa Homes builds homes based on three pillars of operation: creating spaces that foster children's character development, creating communities in which customers build assets and protecting the global environment. The Company manages the overall operations of the Group so it can respond quickly to market fluctuations and customer needs in the areas of design, product development, procurement, production, construction, sales and after-sale services.

photo:Misawa Homes Holdings Inc.

Misawa Homes Dealer

Working in close contact with local communities, Misawa Homes Group operates a nationwide dealer system that has built up customer trust.


Misawa Home-ing

The Misawa Homes Group operates a home remodeling network in Japan, providing quality services under the Misawa Home-ing brand. Our renovation expertise has won a Good Design award.

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Misawa Homes Institute of Research and Development Co., Ltd.

Misawa Homes has come to the forefront of the housing industry with its advanced industrialization technologies, spearheaded by Misawa Homes Institute. Involved in all home-related research, recent successes include "M-Wood" wood-based recycling material, century housing systems, 100% recycled homes and zero-energy homes.

photo:Misawa Homes Institute of Research and Development Co., Ltd.

Motherth Co., Ltd.

The core business of Motherth is to operate and manage the Motherth Minami Kashiwa nursing home. The company also operates group homes and provides in-home care services for seniors.


Media MG Co.,Ltd.

Media MG has expertise in various company support areas that center on "solutions and value creation strategies." The company builds networks for companies in the housing and lifestyle businesses, as well as linking companies with clients, helping to develop new business and forge alliances. Media MG helps cut through the bewildering array of information to help organizations grow and prosper in line with the times.

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