Nobuo Takenaka President and CEO Misawa Homes Co., LTD.

Masashi Isogai

"Person" and "owner" are the elements of the character that is used nowadays to write the word "home" in Japanese, but older documents write "home" using the character for a bird's nest. Naturally, parent birds build nests to raise their offspring and protect them from the elements and outside attacks.

We at Misawa Homes assume that protecting children is also the primary reason that humans build homes. Reflecting the sense of the original Japanese character for "home," we believe in building homes from the perspective of children - structures that are best for raising children to have healthy minds and bodies.

Our company name also reflects our affinity for the word "home" as a place where families come together and the sense of overall living, as opposed to "house" as a purely functional entity. Misawa Homes has upheld this philosophy since the time of its establishment.

In line with our principal themes, we will continue to create homes that serve as places to foster children's character development, create communities in which customers build assets, and protect the global environment. In these ways, we will concentrate our Groupwide energy to create value for individuals, communities and contribute to people's lifestyles.

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