Corporate Philosophy

Mission of the Misawa Homes Group

Misawa Homes Group strives to contribute to building an affluent society by supplying quality homes based on our motto: "lifelong commitment to customers through housing."


Management Principles

  1. We build safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly homes and communities.
  2. We respect laws and regulations and operate with integrity and ethical regard.
  3. We endeavor to carry out environmental preservation activities by focusing on the global environment.
  4. By striving to raise corporate value and ensure stable, long-term growth, we foster a prosperous coexistence with stakeholders.
  5. We provide a workplace that enables Group employees to develop mutual trust-based relationships, and work to help build and apply their capabilities to the fullest extent.
  6. We perform appropriate financial reporting and information disclosure and undertake suitable risk management.

Action Guidelines

?P?DTo Our Customers

  • We throw our hearts into developing and providing excellent products that feature outstanding designs and technologies, as well as quality services.
  • We perform sales activities with candor and appropriateness.
  • We provide information that is accurate and easy to understand, and hold ourselves fully accountable for its content.
  • We maintain and continue to enhance our after-sales service systems, thereby providing a wide range of services in a prompt, attentive and diligent manner.
  • We use our customers' private information appropriately and manage it strictly.

2?DTo Our Employees

  • We respect the individual and support individual growth.
  • We maintain a corporate culture that fosters ethical activities.
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of such factors as nationality, race, gender or religion.
  • We uphold a safe and healthy working environment, which we continually improve.
  • We respect human rights, and use no forced labor or child labor in any form.
  • We respect the significance of information and strive to maintain information security.

3. To Our Business Partners

  • We select our business partners using fair standards and appropriate procedures.
  • We maintain equal, contractually-based relationships with our business partners and transact business fairly and freely.
  • We maintain relationships with business partners within reasonable social norms.

4. To Our Society and the Environment

  • We strive to incorporate environmental preservation activities into our business activities.
  • We operate in accordance with laws and social norms.
  • We maintain sound relationships with government offices and administrative bodies.
  • We do not succumb to inappropriate pressure from antisocial influences or organizations.
  • We take into due consideration the safe functioning of global society and uphold amicable relations with local societies.
  • We take active part in social contribution activities in all regions in which we operate.

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